Finland’s Main Overview

One of the most visited and adored country is Finland, especially now that their tourism plays a major role to their economy. They have fascinating scenery of countryside that consists of rolling hills, lakes and forest. There are noted 20,000 lakes, which actually does not include the smaller ones. Their qualities of water are truly excellent. Travellers can enjoy sitting on the lakeshores for fishing while enjoying a glimpse of the moose and reindeer moving in silence.

Finland’s Recent History

The term Finland refers to Abo area or also known as “Turku”. This is a region that became popular as the Finland Proper. Other parts of their country were called Karelia and Tavastia but sometimes referred as Norrland or Osterland. Way back 15th century, Finland became one of the common names in the entire area of Bothnian Sea when archipelagos were seen as it belongs to Turku. New Finland boundaries were use after Sweden-Finland that was signed in 1809 to Russia. Like any other Nordic countries; the decentralised their economy in late 1980s. Their product and financial market regulation had loosen. Some of their state enterprises started too privatized with modest changes tax cuts. The country joined the European Unions in 1995 and in 1999 the Eurozone. Their population starts to age with 10.42 births per 1,000 of population or 1.8 fertility rates. Finland was declared and known as one of the oldest yet stable country were in half of their voter were estimated to age above 50. Finnish markke had been replaced in 2002 by euro.

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The Geography of Finland

Their area approximately measures between 60 and 70N latitudes and 20 and 23E longitudes. The distance of Finland area called Hanko (southernmost) to Nuorgam (northernmost) measure 720 miles or 1,160 kilometres. If you have seen the movie Ice Age, you can picture out their geography. Glaciers are thicker that last longer in Fennoscandia id compared to other part of Europe. The eroding effect left Finnish landscapes that are mostly with few mountains and hills. The highest point is Halti that measures 4, 344 feet, which is found in extreme northern part Lapland. Ridnitsohkka is their highest mountain were in the peak is entirely situated in Finland and directly adjoining to Halti.

Glaciers that are retreating left its land with deposits of morainic in eskers formations. This are stratifies ridges of gravel and sand that runs towards northwest-southwest. Their landscape was covered mostly by coniferous fens and taiga forests with small number of cultivated land. Their forest consists of birch, spruce, pine and many more. The most common soil type in Finland is tilled or moraine that is covered thinly by layers of biological origin humus. Their development Podzol profile was seen in other forest soils excluding drainage when it’s poor. The peat bogs and gleysols poorly occupy the drained areas.

The Climate in Finland

The factor that influences climate in Finland is their geographical position (60th and 70th northern parallel of Eurasian coastal zone continent). According to climate classification of Koppen, it lies on boreal zone characterization of freezing winter and warm summer. This is situated near Atlantic Ocean that continuously gives warm feeling by Gulf Stream. This Gulf Stream once combined to moderating effect and several inland lakes gives warm climate compared to other region consisting same latitude like Greenland southern part, Alaska and Siberia. Their winters commonly last for 100 days while snow appears during late November – April. The climatic summer of southern Finland can last from months of May – mid of September. Their southernmost coastal regions are being classified as the hemi boreal even if they are situated on taiga belt. In Finland’s northern area, winters could much colder and last longer while their summers are short and warm. The northern part winter could last for 200 days, with permanent snow fall that start from October to May. Their summers were shorter (3 months). Their Finnish type of climate in southernmost regions is appropriate for cereal farming, while northern area were suitable to animal husbandry.

Finland’s mode of Transportation

There are extensive road systems that utilized by most passenger traffic and internal cargo. Their international main passenger gateways were Helsinki Vantaa Airport that reached almost 15-million of passengers last 2011. The Oulu Airport was noted to be the 2nd largest while almost 25 airports are noted to have services offered on scheduled passenger. This consist optimal location routes from Western Europe to Far East.

Despite their low number of population, Finland’s government are spending almost 350 million of euro annually got their 5,865 kilometres railway tracks maintenance. Their rail transportation is being handling by some state owned VR Groups that have 5% of passenger share market and cargo market share of 25%. Majority of their international cargo are utilizing ports. This port contains low logistic price. One of the largest container ports is Vuosaari situated in Helsinki after its completion in 2008.

Tourism in Finland

The tourism of Finland grosses reaches over 7 billion euro with matching 5% increase. The sudden growth is attributed to modernization and globalization of the country that rise positive awareness and publicity. Finland attracts over four billion of people last 2005 due to their high number of attractions. Their coastal cruise along port cities and coast in Baltic regions includes Tallinn, Travemunde, Stockholm and Turku. This plays very important role in industry of local tourism. This country was regarded as Santa Clause or Saint Nicholar home that lives in northern Lapland regions.

Their outdoor activities range from yachting, hiking, kayaking, lakes cruises, fishing, golf, and Nordic skiing. Their heart of summer is the northernmost point of Finland was in the sun do not set completely for about 73 successive days. They also have abundant wild life; one of the popular is bird watching. Hunting however is popular. The hare and elk is the commonly played in Finland. Olavinlinna Savonlinna hosted the Annual Opera Festival. There are other great things you can do in Finland. This is great place for vacation with family, loved ones or friends. You can experience welcoming nature that you can treasure for the rest of your life.