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Discover More Regarding SEO with the IDX Website 101

Search Engine Optimization or SEO has been around almost as long as commercially viable Internet. Google came about roughly in 1998 and then rose to prominence at present as the dominant and most visited website for 20 years at the time of this writing. It’s also the reason why SEO is such an important part of website marketing. By the way, visit the idx website to learn more about the benefits of real estate SEO for your real estate homepage or blog. SEO in the 21st Century or the 2010s are wholly dependent on the state of the Google algorithm or how well your content is tracking in social media like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter. Other search engines like Yahoo or Bing have faded to irrelevancy.

More about the Current State of SEO in Real EstateThe Term SEO: Search Engine Optimization merely means making sure your website is ranked at the top of the page of search engines when people search for the product category you belong to. For example, real estate SEO helps agents quite a lot because Google serves as the yellow pages of the Millennial Generation. If you desire to have web presence, you should make sure that SEO is developed along with the website you’re making rather than added as an afterthought. More information about idx website on

Art and Science Combined: The art and science of SEO for real estate is something that should be intertwined with your real estate website’s development and foundations. This way, your prospective customers are likelier to find your site and the properties you’re selling specifically. You want to gain the maximum amount of exposure so you’d have leads you could do your sales funnel on, with the bottleneck merely serving as a way to ensure these leads become sales and customers.

SEO Covers Social Media Too: Google might be the most visited website on all of the Worldwide Web, but it’s not the only site you can use for advertisement of properties. You can also use for completely free the Facebook Marketplace for peer-to-peer sales of any individual property you wish to get sold off for a hefty profit or as a means of amassing cheap property that you can sell off for a bigger price down the line.

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