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Using Promotional Items For Brand Retention

With stiff brand competition brought by technology-driven information dissemination, brand retention has both become easy and difficult. Easy, in the sense, that there are many online platforms to use for brand promotions. Difficult, in the sense, that too many brands on a specific niche makes it harder to capture target consumers. Fortunately, there are still promotional items that can be used in today’s digital age that can contribute to better branding.

Going by other names like giveaways, freebies, or tokens – the promotional items are various things which reflect a company logo. The items in conjunction with the logo help users identify a particular brand. And because the primary purpose is brand retention, items used are usually associated with everyday use. Find more information on promotional items on

It is common for companies or brands to use promotional items that are frequently used. These include but are not limited to tumblers, mugs, fans, umbrellas, shirts, sun visors, caps, and key chains. According to surveys, these are the top items that are regularly used as giveaways.

Certain studies also point out to the likely increase in brand retention when using promotional items during marketing. A certain study by Harvard Business School links to 25% to 95% increase in profit even for just 5% of increased brand retention.

Another study revealed that despite a two-year passage of receiving a promotional item, 89% of the recipients can still recall which brand gave the particular item to them. It was also that same study which stated that 91% of consumers have at least a promotional item in their kitchen, 74% in their workplaces, and 55% in their bedrooms. Practically, the use of giveaways can realistically penetrate any place that a consumer goes into.

With this, it is therefore, still wise for companies to invest in promotional items or giveaways once-in-a-while because they still translate to better brand awareness and increased sales thereafter.

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