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Finland’s Recent History

The term Finland refers to Abo area or also known as “Turku”. This is a region that became popular as the Finland Proper. Other parts of their country were called Karelia and Tavastia but sometimes referred as Norrland or Osterland. Way back 15th century, Finland became one of the common names in the entire area of Bothnian Sea when archipelagos were seen as it belongs to Turku. New Finland boundaries were use after Sweden-Finland that was signed in 1809 to Russia. Like any other Nordic countries; the decentralised their economy in late 1980s. Their product and financial market regulation had loosen. Some of their state enterprises started too privatized with modest changes tax cuts. The country joined the European Unions in 1995 and in 1999 the Eurozone. Their population starts to age with 10.42 births per 1,000 of population or 1.8 fertility rates. Finland was declared and known as one of the oldest yet stable country were in half of their voter were estimated to age above 50. Finnish markke had been replaced in 2002 by euro.