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The Climate in Finland

The factor that influences climate in Finland is their geographical position (60th and 70th northern parallel of Eurasian coastal zone continent). According to climate classification of Koppen, it lies on boreal zone characterization of freezing winter and warm summer. This is situated near Atlantic Ocean that continuously gives warm feeling by Gulf Stream. This Gulf Stream once combined to moderating effect and several inland lakes gives warm climate compared to other region consisting same latitude like Greenland southern part, Alaska and Siberia. Their winters commonly last for 100 days while snow appears during late November – April. The climatic summer of southern Finland can last from months of May – mid of September. Their southernmost coastal regions are being classified as the hemi boreal even if they are situated on taiga belt. In Finland’s northern area, winters could much colder and last longer while their summers are short and warm. The northern part winter could last for 200 days, with permanent snow fall that start from October to May. Their summers were shorter (3 months). Their Finnish type of climate in southernmost regions is appropriate for cereal farming, while northern area were suitable to animal husbandry.