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Tourism in Finland

The tourism of Finland grosses reaches over 7 billion euro with matching 5% increase. The sudden growth is attributed to modernization and globalization of the country that rise positive awareness and publicity. Finland attracts over four billion of people last 2005 due to their high number of attractions. Their coastal cruise along port cities and coast in Baltic regions includes Tallinn, Travemunde, Stockholm and Turku. This plays very important role in industry of local tourism. This country was regarded as Santa Clause or Saint Nicholar home that lives in northern Lapland regions.

Their outdoor activities range from yachting, hiking, kayaking, lakes cruises, fishing, golf, and Nordic skiing. Their heart of summer is the northernmost point of Finland was in the sun do not set completely for about 73 successive days. They also have abundant wild life; one of the popular is bird watching. Hunting however is popular. The hare and elk is the commonly played in Finland. Olavinlinna Savonlinna hosted the Annual Opera Festival. There are other great things you can do in Finland. This is great place for vacation with family, loved ones or friends. You can experience welcoming nature that you can treasure for the rest of your life.